Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guide to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Included here are links, pics and news (and possibly spoilers - though they will be heavily marked as such) on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, this page will be updated as and when "stuff" happens. Pre-order on DVD. First up, the facts:

• It is called The Day of the Doctor is written by current showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran (The Angels Take Manhattan, Asylum of the Daleks, The God Complex, The Girl Who Waited). Read the official synopsis HERE.

• According to the BBFC, it has a running time of 76m 44s and contains "mild violence and threat". Full DVD and Bluray details HERE.

• Starring in the special are: David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor), Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor, Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara), Joanna Page (Elizabeth I), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), John Hurt and many more. See the pictures from the Anniversary Special read~through HERE.

• It has been filmed using 3D technology and will be broadcast on November 23. It will also receive a limited worldwide cinema release and will be simulcast on television around the world - details HERE. Details of 3D screenings in Australia HERE. Details of UK cinema screenings HERE.

• Watch The Eleventh Doctor and Clara meet in the TARDIS HERE.

• Watch a scene broadcast as part of Children In Need HERE.

• Watch the first trailer HERE and watch the first clip HERE.

• Watch the second trailer HERE and the BBC America trail HERE

• Watch the special trailer celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who HERE.

• Huge gallery of pictures HERE.

• Promo pics of scarf-wearing UNIT scientist Osgood HERE.

• More promo pics from the episode HERE.

• Character shots of The Doctors, Rose, Kate Stewart, Clara, Elizabeth I and a Zygon HERE and HERE.

• Classic monsters The Zygons are to feature in the story, but are not the main villain. Pic HERE.

• The Daleks also make a return, see pics of them in action HERE.

• Poster promo images HERE.

• Behind~the~scenes pic featuring some Daleks HERE.

• See a collection of promotional pictures featuring David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman and Jemma Redgrave HERE.

• A collection of promotional pictures featuring David Tennant, Matt Smith, Joanna Page and Ingrid Oliver HERE.

Radio Times pic of The Tenth Doctor getting cosy with Elizabeth I HERE.

• Watch the mini episode HERE and check out the image breakdown HERE.

• HQ promo pics from the special story HERE.

• A round~up of reviews HERE.

Now here's the rest! The most recent news will appear at the top:

• David Tennant introduction HERE.

• Jenna Coleman talks about filming, watch HERE.

• Listen to a scene featuring our first listen to a Zygon HERE.

• Watch a BBC Breakfast set report HERE.

• Image breakdown of the second trailer HERE.

• Image breakdown and analysis of the first trailer HERE.

• The DVD/Bluray will feature a "mini episode" called Night of the Doctor and additional material The Last Day - details HERE.

• Steven Moffat interview where he says the special features "best ever entrance into the TARDIS" - read it HERE

• Watch the special trailer celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who HERE. And here's 50 things to look out for in the trailer HERE.

• Joanna Page chats about filming on the special HERE.

• Watch the hashtag teaser trail HERE.

• John Hurt talks about filming and his role HERE.

• The Tenth Doctor reveals, a la The Second Doctor, that he doesn't like the new TARDIS design.

• The Eleventh and Tenth Doctors compare Sonic Screwdriver sizes.

• Mark Gatiss not involved, says it's "fantastic" - interview HERE.

• Hurt's Doctor details revealed [SPOILERS] - read HERE.

• Jenna Coleman reveals Hurt, Tennant and Smith share a scene in the TARDIS HERE

• Watch behind~the~scenes footage of Matt Smith and David Tennant HERE.

Bernard Cribbins not involved - read HERE.

David Tennant and Matt Smith chat about how their characters get on with one another HERE.

John Hurt talks about his role HERE.

Steven Moffat reveals secrets have been kept - watch interview HERE.

Jemma Redgrave talks about it HERE.

• Is David Tennant the only returning Doctor? Info HERE.

• Matt Smith reveals that "paintings" play a part - watch interview HERE.

• Scenes were filmed in London at Tower Bridge, read Blogtor's exclusive report, along with set pictures, HERE.

• Scenes were filmed in London at Trafalgar Square, read Blogtor's exclusive report, along with set pictures, HERE. Also includes some lines of dialogue!

• Ingrid Oliver's character Osgood is related to UNIT's Sgt. Osgood from The Daemons, she wears a Fourth Doctor scarf.

• The BBC have some behind~the~scenes videos from the London shooting - watch them HERE.

Christopher Eccleston talks about the 50th - watch his interview HERE.

Paul McGann talks about the special HERE.

Billie Piper says it's "very much for the fans" - interview HERE.

Steven Moffat doesn't want it to be a "fanfest" - interview HERE.

• Producer Marcus Wilson says it's a "love letter to fans" - read HERE.

• Filming pictures reveal a familiar location - see HERE.

• David Tennant talks about filming - listen HERE.

Pic of Tennant and Smith on set together - see HERE.

John Simm says he's not involved - watch interview HERE.

John Barrowman not involved - see HERE.

Matt Smith says it's "very funny" - interview HERE.

Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker talk about the special - watch interview HERE.

Matt Smith says it's "vast","epic" and "momentous" - watch interview HERE.

Freema Agyeman chats 50th - see HERE.

Steven Moffat is interviewed by his son - watch HERE.

Jenna-Louise Coleman talks 50th - read HERE.

David Tennant talks to Jonathan Ross about being involved/not involved [pre-announcement] - watch interview HERE.

Billie Piper talks to Graham Norton about being involved/not involved [pre-announcement] - watch interview HERE.


Maurice Hennessy said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!!
Does anyone know if it will be in the cinemas in Ireland?

Anonymous said...

Ecclestone not being in it is a red herring.

Anonymous said...

Just be excited. ^_^ lots of excitement!!! The 50th is gonna be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Will it be on cinemas on spain??

Maurice19 said...

Thanks for this website. It saves a heap of searching... I say keep going Blogtor Who. You're doing a great job.....(from a blitzed out, busy, grown up fan) xx-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the Unit staffer being called "Osgood", it's too similar to Clara's "Oswin" moniker and distracted me from the show for a minute while I sorted through the slight confusion in my head. That gripe aside, it was amazing watching Doctor Who in 3D on the big screen. It looked INCREDIBLE!