Saturday, August 23, 2014

Deep Breath audio commentary

Included for your listening pleasure is the Blogtor Who audio commentary for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode One, Deep Breath. Recorded by Cameron K McEwan and Alex Romeo, the commentary can be enjoyed whilst watching the story - though, that's not essential. You can download the audio commentary directly HERE, subscribe on iTunes HERE or use the player below.


Andrea Mc said...

Love this and loving Alex.

As far as the Half-Face Man scenario goes (did he jump/was he pushed), I think that Steven Moffat has wickedly left us dangling in order to ramp up the levels of uncertainty about what the new Doctor Who is capable of.

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks Andrea, very kind!

So..., was he pushed? Or did he jump?

TELL US!!!!??? :P

Teacher Phili said...

Really enjoyed the commentary. I'm inclined to think that he was pushed rather than jumped. It's in those eyes to camera. But one question is why did The Doctor mention, at 42:45, the Walt Whitman poem 'Oh Captain, my Captain' as made famous in the film Dead Poets Society?

Cameron McEwan said...

Many thanks!

Good question!

Anonymous said...

I reckon he was pushed! The Doctor was lying about his basic programming, because Rule 1: The Doctor lies.

Also The Pandorica Opens featured horse-riding from the Doctor -- not real horses, though, as Confidential revealed that it had all been done with special effects. A Town Called Mercy, on the other hand, featured the Doctor actually riding a horse named Joshua -- no, Susan -- who wants its life choices to be respected! So yes, a couple of horse facts for you there. Loving the commentary, great fun!

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks for the horse facts! Great knowledge!

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

He's Scottish now. Tossing the cyber is just something you do!