Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Science of Doctor Who trailer

In the player below you can see the trailer for the one off programme, The Science of Doctor Who. The one hour special is presented by Professor Brian Cox (The Power of Three) and stars Mat Smith in some specially filmed scenes in the TARDIS.

Drawing on the latest theories as well as 200 years of scientific discoveries and the genius of Einstein, Brian tries to answer the classic questions raised by the Doctor - can you really travel in time? Does extra-terrestrial life exist in our galaxy? And how do you build something as fantastical as the TARDIS? 

The Science of Doctor Who airs on BBC Two, Nov 14 at 9pm.


Ozzy Baxter said...

What does The Doctor say after Brian says "That's impossible"? I can't understand it.

Also, isn't Doctor Who about as scientifically accurate as, say, STAR WARS? I'm not sure what this show could be, beyond Brian Cox showing off science and then making thin links back to Doctor Who to put it in a branded-box for people to digest. Just a guess, of course.

Mister said...

Was that Peter Capaldi about 8 seconds in, or am I seeing things?

Cameron McEwan said...


You're seeing things.

Andrew Dalpini said...

Well this be aired on BBC America in the future?

Cameron McEwan said...

This will air on BBC America on Nov 18