Friday, May 17, 2013

The Name of the Doctor - more promo pics

The BBC has released more promotional pictures from the Doctor Who Series 7 finale, The Name of the Doctor - click on the images included here for bigger versions. It airs May 18 in the UK (at 7pm) and North America whilst it broadcasts a day later in Australia, Poland and South Africa. Visit The Name of the Doctor section for more pics, news and clips HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


idonotlikeRiverSongonebityettheresheis said...

Please, Please, Please stay dead River Song please, please, please.

two pence piece said...

Are those the chairs from the End of Time pt 2? I hope they are in the TARDIS in this scene otherwise its a bit of a shame to rehash old props so obviously. I bet I am not the only one who will notice. Could you not go down to IKEA and get some different chairs. they must have IKEA in Wales.

ian vance said...

Isnt that the sixth doctor behind Clara?