Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nightmare In Silver promo pics

The BBC has released promotional pictures from this week's Doctor Who episode, Nightmare In Silver - click on the images below for bigger versions. The story, written by Neil Gaiman and featuring the return of the Cybermen, airs in the UK and North America on May 11 and in Poland, South Africa and Australia the following day. Visit the Nightmare In Silver section for pics, clips and news HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


Anthony Peterson said...

Oh wow...Tomb of the Cybermen reference there with the shape of the doorways, and a chess set!! That perennial symbol of seasons 25 and 26 - what game are the Cybermen (and for that matter the Doctor) playing??

worried blue eyes said...

I see they kept the kids out of the promo pics. Even the beeb know the kids in the story is not what people want and wont watch if they promote that aspect of the story

Scottie Pippen said...

I hope those kids get their skulls crushed in by the mighty cybermen! I also hope these are Mondas Cybermen and not Pete's world Cybus Cybermen!