Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hide behind the scenes

The BBC has released a behind-the-scenes from the latest episode Hide - watch it in the player above. Visit the episode section HERE for more pics, clips and news.


Neil said...

Way back in Flesh and Stone eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the Doctor, while he was talking to Amy about trusting him, was wearing his jacket after he'd taken it off, which turned out to be significant later in the series. In another wood this time, he had a re-appearing/disappearing bow tie. Significant or a continuity error which slipped through in last minute editing?

Ned said...

To add to Neil's excellent point, on the BBC website there is a gallery of photos from behind the scenes on this episode: the second one makes a specific point, and an awful pun, about how the Doctor's bow tie "has decided to 'hide'" in this episode. Not only an extremely sloppy continuity error, then, but also one the BBC doesn't seem to want to 'hide' from us.