Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bells of Saint John "prequel"

The BBC have released a "prequel"* to the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2, The Bells of Saint John - watch it in the player below. The story airs in the UK (BBC One, 6.15pm) and North America (BBC America and SPACE) on March 30 whilst Australia, Poland and South Africa the following day.

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Mister said...

Aww! That was sweet! And I like how the Doctor's kicking his feet like a child while on a swing. Seems so natural for Eleven. :)

Anonymous said...

Given that these scenes are written and produced as an afterthought to the episodes with which they're associated, I see nothing wrong with the BBC's terminology. As with all prequels, they function as parenthetical precursors to works that stand independently.

That Girl Who Writes said...

Oh my............. AAAAAHHHHHHH XD

Anonymous said...

I'd say it was the dictionary definition of prequel!
"a literary, dramatic, or filmic work that prefigures a later work, as by portraying the same characters at a younger age"