Monday, March 18, 2013

The Bells of Saint John - New clip

The BBC have released a new clip from the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2, watch a snatch from The Bells of Saint John in the player below. It airs on March 30 in the UK and North America whilst it airs the following day in Australia, South Africa and Poland. See another clip from the story HERE and HERE.

Check out some promo pictures from the story HERE.

Visit The Bells of Saint John episode section HERE


bromley001 said...


I like it.:)

Babycakes said...

aaaaaaahahhhhhhh so amazing. i can't wait. i missed them so much!

Paul Mount said...

Oh Christ that's awful. Truly awful. As if the whole 'Doctor Who' conceit hasn't been done to death this just takes it to whole new depths. Dire. My raised hopes for this new batch of episodes are starting to sink if this is what Moffat passes off as witty dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I agree the 'Doctor Who' thing is so overdone. It used to make me smile whenever someone said it because it was so rare, but now it's getting annoying.

That being said, I still love this show to death, and I for one am excited to figure out this Clara mystery. :)

Emily said...

his hair looks fabulous

Unknown said...

Well I like it. Just a little banter. Also, I don't think the possibly faux conceit is meant to be the joke. That's Clara shutting the door in his face because he sounds like a crazy person. Really, there's cleverness beneath the apparent simplicity of the scene. Some people just can't enjoy something unless they can deride it at the same time. My own mum's that way, so I'll not say it's wrong. However it does present myself with a problem: that sort of thing does annoy my wife, and when she's annoyed I also must pretend to be annoyed otherwise she thinks I'm siding against her. So here's myself saying "lighten up you people at whom I am terribly annoyed... grrr." There, now I can have a happy marriage.... unless my wife actually reads this, then I will be in trouble. Ah, well.