Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The New Title Sequence

The Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowman, has aired in the UK and has brought with it a new title sequence! Watch it in the player below. In just under an hour, there'll be a fab Coming Soon trailer for Series 7 Part 2.

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Anonymous said...

The theme sounds much better in this video as the pitch is lower.

Willow said...

I still think if they are going to have the face of The Doctor in the titles that they should include a McCoy era "sex wink" but hey,I'm old school. :P

I don't really like any of the new versions of the theme. This one is possibly less annoying than the others.

Mister said...

I like it. Visually, it's very much a mix of McCoy and McGann, yet feeling new at the same time. And I like that Matt's face is subtle. Very cool!

Musically, I hear influences from Trial of a Time Lord which is nice to hear mixed with the recent music.

Basically, I like this a lot!

Warren Andrews said...

Easily the best titles since the show came back. They're wonderfully obscure in that you can't quite tell what you're seeing. And a great remix of the theme.

Craig Brown said...

Am I the only one who can see D.N.A and blood cells? As well as electricity and explosions... Time War much? Also, from what I've seen so far and from a preview America got (that the UK didn't) - it seems like the Doctor alludes to Clara being the Master reborn after he got trapped in the Time Lock :P

smapdi said...

I'll be the odd man out this time. The new titles suck a**.
It is a cheesy rip off of the closing credits to the 2009 Star Trek movie. The weird pitch change in the opening bars makes my skin crawl. Far to much electrical snapping and sizzle noise.

JDEsseintes said...

Hi, late to the party, but just trying to spread a particular notion around:

Can ANYONE else see glimpses of the previous Doctors' faces in the "clouds" in the lead up to the cast names?

Other internet peoples do not (or those I've mentioned it to, at least), and I'm consequently concerned about my mental wellbeing and my ability to look at clouds without crying.