Friday, December 21, 2012

Moffat: "John Simm is The Master"

UK "newspaper" the Mirror has reported some comments from current showrunner Steven Moffat regarding Matt Smith's recent remarks on the possibility of Star Trek actor William Shatner's involvement in Doctor Who. Moffat said:
''William Shatner being The Master would be too confusing wouldn't it? He's Captain Kirk! I love William Shatner but John Simm is The Master. John Simm would beat him up if he thought he was going to take that part.''
Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch will have to wait a little bit longer.

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pinkTARDIS said...

HOORAY. Love John Simm as the Master.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Can we please have the Master return soon? It's high time we had him in the 11th Doctor era now.

John Doyle said...

That is Moffat-speake for "I have in fact already recast the part".

Becky said...

Actually it's quite possibly Moffat Speak for "I have in fact cast William Shatner as the Master."

Rule One: Moffat lies

RSAntilles said...

Delgado was and still is THE Master :)

edzel2 said...

I would be over the moon if John Simm were to reprise the role. Really hope that he can indeed come back and take a 'quieter Master' to a 'very, very dark place' for the 11th Doctor's era - much as I adore Benedict Cumberbatch and think he would probably make a very good Master (you only have to listen to the 'Star Trek -Edge of Darkness' trailer to know that he can really do BAD with a capital B) there will only ever be one for me - Simm IS The Master!

Anonymous said...

i thought it was moffat speak for i've already written simm in again and i don't want you to know about it.

Anonymous said...

I was just coming in to say that Roger Delgado was and still is the Master. But I see I was too late. :(

Mark Orintas said...

Was I the only oe who truly dislikes SIMM as the master