Monday, May 7, 2012

Series 7 Preview!

Included in the player above is the Doctor Who Series 7 Preview Podcast from the Blogtor Who audio commentary team, Cameron K McEwan and Alexander J McKinnon. Included is a preview of the upcoming series (so, some spoilers if you're being totally spoiler~free), all your thoughts and comments from Twitter, Facebook, etc... and a few special "guests"... You can download it directly HERE or on iTunes HERE.


The Idiot's Lantern - What Did YOU Think?
The Special Weapons Dalek returns!
UK Classic DVD news
The Girl in the Fireplace audio commentary


Anonymous said...

When you say you watched filming on Men in Black 2, you mean 3, right?

Cameron McEwan said...

No, I mean MiB 2. Was a few years ago.

Eaglestriker said...

Loved this podcast! Steemo / Steve the Tennis player / Sir Steven had me in stitches.

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks, much appreciated!

Meshia said...

I absolutely loved the voices (especially River and K-9), and your "mean" banter with one another, in this podcast. Sandy's short trip with the cast and crew at the end was brilliant! Hope to "see" everyone again sometime. :)

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks Meshia! Glad you enjoyed it!