Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dalek - What Did YOU Think?

Nov 5 sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the 2005 story, Dalek. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the episode for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). Tweet HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.

ETA: The commentary has now been recorded.

We are also looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the next story after that, The Long Game. You can Tweet Blogtor Who HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment in the section below, or email us HERE. The audio commentaries for Aliens of London/World War Three will be released on Saturday.

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The Vodka Yeti said...

Dalek - although Billie Piper gets the deserved plaudits for this episode, for me it's Christopher Eccleston's strongest performance of the series. I never tire of watching the scene where he's locked in with the chained Dalek, to see this incarnation of Doctor so verbally aggressive, brilliant writing, acting and execution.

The Long Game - this episode gets a lot of stick but I just can't agree. Simon Pegg is a delight and the episode has lots of moments that just put a huge smile on my face, like Tamsin Greig's wonderful scene with Bruno Langley.

Rob W said...

I think I'm the one Doctor Who viewer who didn't much care for Dalek at first!

I was born just after Survival, so at fifteen it was my first experience of daleks save for the kit kat adverts, and after all the pre-release publicity I was really disappointed that the scourge of the universe turned out, in the end, to be defeated by "being quite nice!" I was quite looking forward to a string of unthinkably dastardly acts, and while I liked the cool efficiency of the electrocution scene, it just fell a little short.

Don't worry - I love it, now. Which is weird, 'cause I don't much like the daleks at all any more. I think Dalek is the dalek story for the more cynical dalek connoisseur. Really rejuvenates them. Does something new.

Also, it must've been said umpteen times by now but isn't Chris Eccleston BRILLIANT?

Billy_Sastard said...

I love this episode solely due to Freddie Mercury having the lead role.

Anonymous said...

Rob W, I think you mean FANTASTIC! ;)

For me, Dalek was the sixth episode of Doctor Who I'd seen, and the first time I saw a Dalek. I think it was a great story to set them up as new characters; I was so excited when they returned in the finale.

Exlonox said...

This episode is the scariest a Dalek has been in New-Who.

Chii-chan said...

oh Dalek... my second fav episode of the new-Who, period!
Eccleston was FANTASTIC when he first meets the Dalek, and just kept gettin better as the episode progressed

BenjiCFN said...

Dalek - At the time I found worth doing to learn about the Daleks and the Doctor relationship with them and I enjoyed it. In retrospect it is one of the weaker episodes since the return, even back then I felt it was a 'watch once' episode. One the nicer side there's still plenty of excellent dialogue and lore telling/making.

The Long Game - I feel very much the same about this episode. I like it more than Dalek but I'm probably a bit more critical. Visually it looked a bit naff back in 2005 and it really has worsened with age. The story tried to do too for me and I found time wasted on the less interestng aspects. Up to this episode there really was a desire for me to go somewhere outlandish and and was a touch annoyed that it was once again a space station and yet again earth, I could help but copare it to End of the World and it is a distant second. However it has without a doubt my favorite ending of any episode of perhaps any show and I still enjoy the exploration of the role and power of the media. It is a weaker episode for me but in my hed it rank higher than at least 7 other episodes.

DWForever said...

I liked Dalek. I found the whole "Emotional Dalek" concept a bit useless besides killing off the Dalek in soppy style.

The Long Game remains one of my favorite episodes from the series. Sure, it may lag a bit, but it has great turns from Simon Pegg and Tamsin Greig.

Rob W said...

Don't know if this is late for the Dalek recording, but it's just occurred to me that Sandy joined at series 6. I'm sure he's very possibly caught a dalek episode by accident at some point, but this is his first dalek episode as a regular viewer!

So, question for Sandy: How was it?!

(And, @Anonymous - of course!! How could I miss that?! Good catch. Or fantastic catch, rather!)

Jonathan said...

Haven't yet listened to the Aliens of London/WW3 commentaries, but The Unquiet Dead was another enjoyable revisit.

Dalek - After the speculation the Daleks wouldn't make it into the revived show, they make a welcome return. I like the revised design of the armour, but am not so keen on the creature inside. The confrontation between the Doctor and the chained Dalek is outstanding.

The Long Game - I really thought that Simon Pegg was going to turn out to be the Master, and I was surprised at how abrupt the Doctor is when he drops Adam at the end of the episode. Otherwise, this isn't an episode I am too bothered about revisiting.