Monday, February 28, 2011

DWO WhoCast - Nicholas Courtney tribute

The DWO WhoCast is planning a Nicholas Courtney tribute episode and we want you, his fans, to get in touch. Although we will have our own feature on Nicholas, the DWO WhoCast is asking our listeners to get in touch with mp3 audio (no background music) and emails for us to read out, about what you thought of Nicholas Courtney's role as The Brigadier, how you felt when you heard the tragic news, as well as any other stories or memories you may have. Send them to:

Watch Doctor Who Online's tribute video to Nicholas Courtney

Our chums over at Radio Free Skaro have released a podcast featuring writer Gary Russell talking about his long relationship with Courtney. You can download the show HERE.


chris burgess said...

At the risk of seeming inappropriate for posting about it here, we over at Radio Free Skaro released our tribute to Courtney yesterday which features a lengthy chat with Doctor Who icon Gary Russell reminiscing about his 30+ year friendship with Courtney. We hope people enjoy it.

Cameron McEwan said...

Not at all, I'll add it to the original post.