Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doctor Who Adventures 173

The latest edition of the magazine Doctor Who Adventures features a very special 3-D cover - click on the image above for a bigger version. Issue 173 is an "amazing" Collector's Edition with The Doctor, the TARDIS, a Dalek and a Cyberman on the cover. Inside you'll find all the usual features, posters, comic strip and competitions.

Doctor Who Adventures 173 is out Thursday July 1, priced £2.20

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Big Questions 12 - Matt Smith & Karen Gillan

The official site has updated with another edition of The Big Questions featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. See them discuss whether or not they would marry each other in the player below. WARNING: It includes a slight SPOILER for The Big Bang.

Matt Smith joins Orbital at Glastonbury

Matt Smith joined popular beat~combo Orbital during their rendition of the Doctor Who theme tune at the final night of Glastonbury on Sunday. See his performance in the player below.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The latest edition of Doctor Who Confidential included some footage of Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at the BBC America launch of the new series in New York earlier this year. See them in action in the players below and if you're one of the many fans featured in them, feel free to get in touch.

Series 6 teaser

The latest edition of Doctor Who Confidential revealed what's to come in the next series. See Steven Moffat discuss what's in store for 2011 in the player below.

This contains scenes from The Big Bang and SPOILERS

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Steven Moffat interviewed by his son

Below you can see a film made earlier tonight in the Moffat household post~The Big Bang. Steven Moffat's son conducts the first interview with the showrunner after the finale and he talks about ratings, the World Cup and online forums. You can check out more of his delightful videos HERE.

Karen Gillan talks "The Big Bang" [SPOILERS]

The official site has updated with a couple of videos of Karen Gillan talking about The Big Bang. See them in the player below and visit the episode section - for more clips and pics - HERE.

This video contains SPOILERS for The Big Bang

Matt & Karen's message to the fans

The official site has updated with a message from Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to Doctor Who fans. See it in the player below. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT contain spoilers for The Big Bang.

Blood of the Cybermen - introduction

The official site has updated with an introduction to Blood of the Cybermen from Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. See it in the player below and visit the section - for more clips and info - HERE.

Blood of the Cybermen - TV trailer

The BBC have issued a new TV trailer for Blood of the Cybermen (available to download now for PC users in the UK). See it in the player below and visit the section - for more clips and info - HERE.


Tonight sees the end of Matt Smith's first series as everyone's favourite Gallifreyan, and news is coming thick and fast. See all the latest posts below and read the last one HERE.

Clip [video]
Radio Advert [audio]
Matt Smith introduction [video]
Matt Smith on This Morning [video]
Matt Smith - Jo Whiley interview [audio]

Raiders of the Pandorica [video]
The Big Questions 11 - Karen Gillan [video]

Neil Gaiman - BBC Breakfast interview [video]

Karen Gillan talks about the game [video]
Steven Moffat interview [video]
Trailer [video]
Synopsis and screengrabs
Download the game now! [PC/UK only]


Series 5, Vol. 2 DVD review
Terror of the Autons - audio CD cover art & details
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 423 cover

Matt Smith on This Morning [video]
Matt Smith - Jo Whiley interview [audio]
Lennon Naked - two clips [video]
Raiders of the Pandorica [video]
The Big Questions 11 - Karen Gillan [video]
Steven Moffat interview [video]

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Karen Gillan talks "Blood of the Cybermen"

The official site has updated with a video of Karen Gillan talking about the new computer game, Blood of the Cybermen. See it in the player below and visit the section - for more clips and pics - HERE.

Matt Smith on "This Morning"

Matt Smith was a guest on the ITV1 'show' This Morning earlier today. See his pre~recorded interview in the player below where he gives Karen Gillan's short skirts the thumbs up, plays a very special game of table football featuring some Who villains and reveals the "significant" return of an "important character" in The Big Bang.

This video contains SPOILERS for The Pandorica Opens and also Eamonn Holmes...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

REVIEW - Series 5 Vol.2 DVD

Release Date: July 5

RRP: £15.99

Duration: 135 mins (approx.)

Stories included:
The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone
The Vampires Of Venice

The Monster Files

I guess it's not gonna shock anyone when I describe the Weeping Angels' two~part return as a modern~day classic. You can read my review of The Time of Angels HERE so I'll chat a little bit about the pause~inducing second part, Flesh & Stone. But before I do, I'd like to have a bit of a moan about how that excellent second part was slightly ruined. And this is actually nothing to do with the story but, in fact, the Next Time trail from the first part (which, ironically, isn't even on this collection as they don't put them on these DVD releases anymore).

That particular 'throw forward', as it were, needlessly revealed that The Crack would be making a return. Why did they do that? They could have quite easily just left it out, leaving quite a surprise for the viewer when it turns up and plays as significant part of the story. (And speaking of significant parts of the story, I'm sure we'll all be returning to a certain scene in Flesh & Stone, perhaps freeze~framing it too after The Big Bang airs this Saturday.) Anyway, small point and it does not stop the two~parter being utterly perfect.

One of the most touching moments was the death of Octavian, played so stoutly by Iain Glen, and his final exchange The Doctor. When everyone's favourite Time Lord says,"I wish I'd known you better," the soon~to~be~dead ally replies, "I think sir, you know me at my best." Sniff, beautiful stuff. Amy's journey in the forest surrounded by the Weeping Angels is also worth a mention, especially when those stone bastards get moving. Bbbrrrr!

What I don't understand is just why, after the far~reaching events in those episodes is why The Doctor decides to eff off to Venice and not really worry about The Crack. Well, actually, first he pops himself into a cake and surprises Rory before whisking the couple off into The Vampires of Venice. Though one of Matt Smith's Doctor's defining traits does seem to be that he gets things wrong now and again (very refreshing it is too!). Despite the lavish production and humorous moments, Vampires never really gets off the ground and disappoints with its poor denouement.

Unsurprisingly The Monster Files concentrates on the Weeping Angels but what is surprising is this little "mini" Confidential is actually a bit of a treat. We are presented with a lot of backstage shenanigans, taking in just how the creatures come to life (not literally). However, I could've done with a little less "Aren't the Weeping Angels just the scariest?" and "Ain't Moffat a genius?" gushing from anyone in the vicinity of a camera (not that those two facts are false, by the way, we just hear them quite a bit).

A good, if flippin' short, extra and whether or not it will make you purchase this release is up for debate as I'm sure most of you will be waiting for the super~duper box set due for release in November. It's difficult to know exactly who these DVDs are aimed but, judging purely on what you get (one amazing/classic Doctor Who two~parter), for a tenner it ain't too bad at all.


Read the Series 5 Vol.1 review HERE

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Terror of the Autons - Audio CD

Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons
Available July 8, priced £12.99

The evil Master leered at the Doctor, and triumphantly pointed out of the cabin window. The many-tentacled Nestene monster – spearhead of the second Auton invasion of Earth – crouched beside the radio tower! Part crab, part spider, part octopus, its single huge eye blazed with alien intelligence and deadly hatred... Can the Doctor outwit his rival Time Lord, the Master, and save the Earth from the Nestene horror?

Geoffrey Beevers, who played an incarnation of the Master in the classic BBC TV Doctor Who series, reads Terrance Dicks’ complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1975.

Thanks to BBC Audio

Neil Gaiman on Series 6

Neil Gaiman has been confirmed as one of the writers for Series 6 of Doctor Who. He has been updating fans through his Twitter account HERE. Below are two links to the BBC site where he talks about his episode (at the moment it's the third*).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blood of the Cybermen - Steven Moffat interview

The official site has updated with an interview with Steven Moffat conducted by his sister at the launch of Blood of the Cybermen. Taking place in Gavinburn Primary School, Moffat discuses his early writing, including a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Who crossover - see it in the player below. Visit the Blood of the Cybermen section - for pics, clips and news - HERE.

Matt Smith - Jo Whiley interview

Matt Smith was a guest of Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 1 show last Sunday. Hear the section of him talking about Doctor Who - specifically his auditions, Sylvester McCoy and how long he'll be in it for - in the player below.

The Big Bang - clip

The official site has updated with a clip from the series finale, The Big Bang - read SPOILERS posted earlier today HERE. See it in the player below and visit the episode section - for pictures, news and spoilers - HERE.

This clip includes SPOILERS if you have not seen The Pandorica Opens.

Blood of the Cybermen - trailer

The official site has updated with a trailer for Blood of the Cybermen - the second episode of The Adventure Games. Read more about it HERE and visit The Adventure Games section HERE

Lennon Naked - 2 clips

Airing this Wednesday on BBC Four is Lennon Naked, a drama starring Christopher Eccleston as the titular Beatle. The BBC have issued two new clips from the film, see them in the player below. Visit the Lennon Naked section - for more clips and pictures - HERE.

The Adventure Games - Blood of the Cybermen

The BBC have announced that the second episode of The Adventure Games will be available to download this Saturday immediately after the series finale, The Big Bang. Titled Blood of the Cybermen, it sees the return of the Cybermen and a villain not seen since Tom Baker was in charge of the TARDIS. Read the full details below and click on the pics below for bigger versions.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010: An abandoned Arctic research centre... an ancient relic... an off-screen terror – the classic ingredients of a Doctor Who episode. Only this time you are the Doctor.

Blood of the Cybermen has been executively produced by Steven Moffat, stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and has been written by Phil Ford. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been digitally recreated in-game, and have provided full voice-overs. Music has been provided by TV series’ composer Murray Gold. An additional cast will portray original characters and classic enemies.

Blood of the Cybermen is classic Who,” says its writer Phil Ford (who also co~wrote The Waters of Mars and episodes for The Sarah Jane Adventures). “From the intriguing title, through the pre-credits intro to the mystery surrounding the Arctic base, this is everything you expect from a TV episode – only this time you control the action. It’s an epic story, and one we could only tell in a computer game. We’ve ambitious sets, a thrill-a-minute narrative, and we re-introduce a Doctor Who adversary not seen since the Tom Baker era.”*

Blood of the Cybermen will be available to download for PC for UK users at no additional cost from the BBC Website from Saturday, 26th June 2010. A Mac version will follow shortly afterwards whilst international availability will be announced soon.

Visit The Adventure Games section HERE

* Looks like the returning adversary is the Cybermat, pictured below.

The Big Bang - spoilers

The latest UK TV listings magazines have revealed some very interesting information about the series finale, The Big Bang. Read the news below - be warned, they are SPOILERS (though not that big it has to be said). Sources cited are TV Guide and TV & Satellite Week.


• Matt stated that his call sheet throughout shooting the previous 12 episodes included additional scenes for the finale. "When we were doing Flesh & Stone, I'd get to the end of the day and realise that I'd got to do this extra sequence that I had no idea about. All I know is I've got to be quite concerned about Amy."

• When asked "Is Amy OK?" Matt says: "She's dead but Rory is still around. That's all I can tell you."

• When asked about River Song, Matt comments: "There is a a scene near the end of the episode where River Song and The Doctor have a little chat about the exact nature of their relationship"

• Filming on Christmas Special starts on July 12. It's the "most Christmassy special there'll ever be" with an equally special cast list.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Big Bang - Matt Smith introduction

The official site has updated with an introduction to The Big Bang from Matt Smith. See it in the player below and visit the episode section HERE.

The Big Bang - BBC radio advert

The BBC have issued another radio advert, this time for the final episode of the series, The Big Bang. Hear it in the player below and visit the episode section HERE.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doctor Who Magazine 423 cover

The cover for latest Doctor Who Magazine has been released, see it below. Issue 423 comes with a huge double~sided poster and comes bagged (as shown above). DWM 423 hits the streets this Thursday.

Raiders of the Pandorica

The most recent episode of Doctor Who Confidential, titled Alien Abduction, included a scene where the director used music from Raiders of the Lost Ark to help the actors with pacing and mood whilst filming The Pandorica Opens. See it in the player below and visit the episode section HERE.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Adventure Games - Episode Two synopsis

The official site has updated with the synopsis of the next episode of The Adventure Games. Read it below and visit The Adventure Games section - for clips and images - HERE.
The Doctor and Amy materialize in the Arctic - where members of a survey team are turning from flesh to metal and digging something sinister from under the ice that's been waiting thousands of years - an army of Cybermen!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doctor Who Confidential: "Alien Abduction" preview

The official site has updated with a preview of this week's Doctor Who Confidential featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston. See the gang riding some horses in the player below.

Matt Smith & Karen Gillan - BBC Newsbeat interview

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were interviewed by BBC Newsbeat, featuring questions from listeners. See their interviews in the player below where, between them, they discuss a new costume for The Doctor, the original Cybermen and fancying each other.

Lennon Naked - DVD cover art & details

Airing on BBC Four next week, Lennon Naked stars Christopher Eccleston as the titular Beatle. Read details about the DVD release and visit the Lennon Naked section HERE.
Thirty years after the death of John Lennon, Lennon Naked tells of the turbulent lifestyle of one of the twentieth centuries biggest icons. Christopher Eccleston stars as the enigmatic musician in a defining period of his life – a time of disillusion, self destruction, transformation, and ultimately, hope. John Lennon is one of the most enduring figures in musical and cultural history. One quarter of ‘The Fab Four’, peace activist, visual artist and author, he was a man whose personal life was characterised by drama, intrigue and eventually, conspiracy.

A biopic with a stellar lead cast, Lennon Naked charts Lennon’s transition from ‘Beatle John’ to an enduring and enigmatic icon. It covers a period of wildly fluctuating fortunes from 1967 to 1971, from the death of father-figure and manager Brian Epstein through to the break-up of the Beatles to John’s decision to leave England for New York; a time of worldwide adulation at one extreme, a combination of frustration and despair at the other. It’s the story of an artist destroying everything to find himself – through drugs, break-ups and therapy – as he attempts to free himself from the shackles of material wealth and celebrity and discover himself as a solo recording artist.

These pivotal moments of Lennon’s life are played out by some of Britain’s best-loved actors. The extraordinary cast includes Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who, Heroes) as Lennon, Naoko Mori (Torchwood) as Yoko, Rory Kinnear (First Men In The Moon, Cranford) as Brian Epstein and Andrew Scott (John Adams, Killing Hitler) as Paul McCartney.

Lennon Naked is released 5 July, priced £14.99

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