Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BBC "Out Of This World" event

MATT SMITH and KAREN GILLAN (pictured above) turned up at a special event in Brighton yesterday celebrating the success of British sci fi around the world. BBC Worldwide hosted a special evening on Sunday entitled Out of this World for over 500 international TV buyers. Doctor Who has now sold to over 50 broadcasters and Torchwood to over 35, both distributed by BBC Worldwide. From the Middle East to the Far East, from Latin America to Australasia, British sci fi has landed in most corners of the globe.
  • Doctor Who achieved the enviable number one and two spots on iTunes USA last year.
  • Doctor Who was one of the top two UK imported programmes in South Korea (July 08/June09) - it was also in the top 5 selling programmes for BBC Worldwide in 08/09.
  • Torchwood can be seen in countries as far flung as Turkey and Taiwan, Albania and Australia, Iceland and India.

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Anonymous said...

And on this event the AXN and AXN Sci-fi told they are going to broadcast Doctor Who and Torchwood to Eastern and Central European countries from April. The 3 seasons of Torchwood will broadcast on the languages of these countries, from Doctor Who only the new series. For example in my country they broadcast the first two seasons from the new Doctor Who and they stopped, now the other 2 and all the specials, and all Torchwood episodes! There were also a lot of fans of the show in this area, but now more people will know about these great shows and gonna love them! :)