Monday, May 26, 2008

Georgia Moffett - Interview


This is a video that has recently been posted by the BBC featuring GEORGIA MOFFETT and her son. Now available for international fans. And here's a better version of that recent Rest Of Series 4 Trailer.


Persephone said...

Wow! The quality of the second-half trailer is gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

BLOGTOR said...

Thank you!

Happy to share.

Grammaton Cleric said...

Thank you very much from a frustrated American fan, shut out by the BBC for these trailers.

The second half of the season looks to be smashing.

BLOGTOR said...

Yup, the BBC certainly are annoying a lot of people by doing so.

Why not just share it with the world? Surely they would be better presenting themselves than I would?

Anyway, I will keep posting all these great videos for as long as I can.