Thursday, April 23, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Murray Gold interview

Blogtor has been chatting again with Doctor Who composer Murray Gold for the latest edition of the DWO WhoCast - The Doctor Who Podcast.

In the second part of the exclusive interview, Gold chats about writing for Peter Capaldi, the upcoming Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, Last Christmas, YouTube and Mummy on the Orient Express guest star Frank Skinner - listen in the player below.

You can listen to the first part of the interview HERE where Gold discusses writing a new song for Doctor Who Series 9 and his highlights from  Series 1 with Christopher Eccleston. Visit the DWO WhoCast for regular updates and shows HERE

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Doctor Who and Sherlock crossover on Newzoids

The latest episode of satirical ITV show Newzoids featured a sketch with puppet versions of Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi and Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch - watch it in the player above. Probably the closest we'll get to a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover. Last week's instalment featured Peter Capaldi's Doctor in Broadchurch - watch it HERE.

More pics of new Doctor Who Series 9 monster

Block 3 filming. (Picture: BBC)
Chewing it over?
Doctor Who director Ed Bazalgette discusses a shot with one of the show’s new monsters…

The BBC have released another new picture of the new monster from Doctor Who Series 9 - click on the image above for a bigger version. Check out yesterday's picture of the same monster HERE. This image comes from filming on Block 3, which consist of episodes five and six - The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.

Starring Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), the episodes are written by Jamie Mathieson with Steven Moffat and Catherine Tregenna respectively. Both episodes are directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark).

The period adventures also star comedian and actor Rufus Hound, who recently appeared in the Russell T Davies series Cucumber, Tom Stourton (Horrible Histories), Ariyon Bakare, Simon Lipkin, Ian Conningham, Murray McArthur, Barnaby Kay, John Voce, and Struan Rodger (who voiced of the Face of Boe in 2006 and 2007).

Doctor Who returns to television screens in the autumn.

Thanks to BBC

REVIEW: The Defectors

The Defectors
by Nicholas Briggs

Starring Sylvester McCoy and Katy Manning

Out now - buy HERE

Review by Emrys Matthews

All the team at UNIT Headquarters are being evacuated to a secure location, but that’s not all that’s out of place, she’s got the wrong Doctor. But there’s no time to worry about it, as she and her misplaced Time Lord friend are whisked to the mysterious Delphin Isle on a matter of national security. There, they encounter a disturbingly odd form of local hospitality and learn of a highly classified incident that took place during the Cold War.

Just when you think it’s impossible for Big Finish to come up with another great new idea, there’s The Defectors. It’s always seemed a shame that only companions of the actors that have played the Time Lord who are living get to be a part of the main range Doctor Who series, whilst the others are relegated to playing other characters or ending up in spin-off series. The Defectors is the first part of a trilogy where we’ll hear companions from Doctors one to three matched up with the Fifth to Seventh Doctors. In story terms how and why is this happening? Is the wrong Doctor here to help, make a different choice, was he brought here by a friend or foe? You’ll have to listen to the whole trilogy for an answer to these questions.

It's fascinating to hear how The Seventh Doctor would operate in a Third Doctor world and, narratively speaking, Nick Briggs has nailed his observations of the different styles. Where Pertwee was confident and all knowing, McCoy is more cautious and machiavellian, but this style of operating doesn’t work so well in a different Doctor’s world. Briggs also finds a strong natural style where the listener discovers what is happening as do The Doctor and Jo that feels just right.

Pairing Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor and Katy Manning’s Jo Grant just feels right somehow, and both actors bring their eccentric bests to this outing. Poor Richard Franklin seems a little underused, but the guest performances from Neil Roberts, Barnaby Edwards, and David Graham flesh out the story well. The music is particularly effective at ramping up the tension and setting the listener on edge at all the right points.

The polysemic and aptly named The Defectors is a strong and enjoyable story, its mystery style and unanswered questions keep the listener guessing all the way to end. It does fall victim to the classic Doctor Who trap of “would-have-made-a-better-3-parter-syndrome” and the two middle cliffhangers are a little similar but, those small critiques aside, I enjoyed the story and the structure idea is intriguing and brilliant.

Thanks to Big Finish

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 monster revealed

Block 3 "monster" (Picture: BBC)

What’s that in the shadows?
New monster about to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who Series 9

The BBC have released an image of a new monster from Block 3 on filming of Doctor Who Series 9 - click on the image above for a bigger version. Block 3 consists of the episodes The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived which are currently filming.

Starring Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and David Schofield (Merlin), the episodes are written by Jamie Mathieson with Steven Moffat and Catherine Tregenna respectively. Both episodes are directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). 

The period adventures, possibly with a Viking theme,  also star comedian and actor Rufus Hound, who recently appeared in the Russell T Davies series Cucumber, Tom Stourton (Horrible Histories), Ariyon Bakare, Simon Lipkin, Ian Conningham, Murray McArthur, Barnaby Kay, John Voce, and Struan Rodger (who voiced of the Face of Boe in 2006 and 2007).

Doctor Who returns to television screens in the autumn.

Thanks to BBC

Doctor Who Adventures 100% Regenerated

Popular magazine Doctor Who Adventures has regenerated with a new publisher. Panini, publishers of Doctor Who Magazine, have now acquired the licence for Doctor Who Adventures and their first issue goes on sale April 23.

Check out the details below and artwork for a bigger version.

Doctor Who Adventures has changed its look and is now ageing up in profile to appeal to readers of all ages from 5 - 1005!

Doctor Who Adventures #1 kicks off with Empire’s Fall, a 9 page strip story with art by Russ Leach, script by Jason Quinn and colours by Panini veteran John Burns.

Readers will be able to access UNIT’s top secret alien archives to find out all about the deadly Skovox Blitzer as seen in last season’s The Caretaker.

Readers will then be able to join the Doctor as he experiments with science. After reading this issue, you need never fear a blackout again, especially if you happen to have a bag of fruit, some alligator clips and an LED light bulb in your pockets.

Everyone’s favourite Sontaran will be showing you some of the best and worst places in the universe as he takes you to the moon, Mars, Alfa Metraxis and Sontar!

While the Doctor and Clara are busy saving planet Earth, you can help them by completing a series of fiendish puzzles and activities.

Then it’s off back to the 19th Century to join Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax as they investigate the singular case of the Blue Men of the Minch in this three-page story.

With games, posters, puzzles and makes, Doctor Who Adventures will take you to incredible new worlds and introduce you to some of the most wonderful beings in the universe! Issue 1 comes with Free 3D glasses, notepad and stickers!

Doctor Who Adventures #1 is on sale April 23, priced £3.99

Monday, April 20, 2015

Christopher Eccleston interview

Christopher Eccleston (The Ninth Doctor) was a guest on The Paul O'Grady Show earlier today - watch his interview in the player above. He doesn't chat about Doctor Who but he does give a very entertaining interview and dons a virtual reality head-set for some plank-walking fun.

Host Paul O'Grady had a cameo in the Series Four episode The Stolen Earth whilst you can also see Russell Tovey in the video, guest star in Voyage of the Damned (2007).

Recently, Eccleston talked about clashing with Doctor Who bosses, listen to the interview HERE.

REVIEW: Doctor Who Novel Adaptations Vol. 2

The Well-Mannered War
by Gareth Roberts (adapted by John Dorney)

Damaged Goods
by Russell T Davies (adapted by Jonathan Morris)

Starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and Sylvester McCoy

The Well-Mannered War
by Gareth Roberts (adapted by John Dorney)
Adapted from the novel of the same name, the new Big Finish audio The Well-Mannered War brings The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) together with Romana II (Lalla Ward) and K-9 (John Leeson) on a joyous, creepy adventure.

Admittedly, any story that begins with a nice cup of lapsang souchong has already won me over, but The Well-Mannered War continued to endear itself to me well beyond the opening tea scene. Our heroes find themselves between two peoples who have been poised on the brink of war for an implausibly long time. Indeed, as the team dig deeper and peel back the layers of just what has been going on between the humans and the Chelonians and their oddly friendly – but recently escalating – dispute over the planet Barclow, it becomes clear that there are forces manipulating things to a greater degree than anyone could have imagined, in a series of twists that were an absolute delight to discover.

(Even, I’m sure, to anyone who has read the book and remembers exactly what forces are at work here!) And to top it all off, through a particular quirk of local policy, K-9 finds himself standing for public office, and makes a surprisingly good politician. I mean, I'd vote for him!

John Dorney has done a fabulous job of adapting Gareth Roberts’ novel; indeed, so much of this story lends itself so perfectly to being heard as well as read, from the utterly chilling mental imagery I’m left with hearing animated corpses and a sentient swarm of flies, to the sheer amount of brilliant dialogue John Leeson gets to play with as K-9 the politician.

The whole story culminates in a rather thrilling conclusion that leaves this reviewer quite keen to know just what befalls The Doctor next.

by Russell T Davies (adapted by Jonathan Morris)
Damaged Goods is a tale which expresses the kind of intimate, very human story that Russell T Davies would go on to bring to Doctor Who in his time as the series’ producer. At its heart, this is very much a story about family, of mothers facing impossible decisions about their children’s futures, and the consequences of those choices.

In this story, The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) is joined by book companions Roz Forrester (Yasmin Bannerman, whom listeners may remember as Jabe from The Ninth Doctor story, The End Of The World) and Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver, whom listeners may also remember from The Tenth Doctor story Gridlock), finding themselves on the Quadrant, a housing estate, in 1987. It becomes clear that something is amiss, centred around the Tyler family and young son Gabriel, who seems to possess a glamour, the uncanny ability to seem nice and do well without ever making an effort.

The root of Gabriel’s special skills turn out to be rather more complicated when it is revealed that his twin brother was given up for adoption as an infant, and has indeed been in a declining comatose state for years, while Gabriel has been using their psychic connection to drain his life force. Meanwhile, an ancient Gallifreyan weapon known as the N-form has been awakened, sensing the vampiric activity emanating from the estate.

Denise Black gives a chilling performance as Eva, the ruthless adoptive mother of Gabriel’s ailing twin Steven, and it’s nice to see Chris get a bit of a romance in with local resident David. The story ends on a fairly striking divergence from the original novel; in Jonathan Morris’ lovely audio adaptation, at least some of the Tyler family receive a happy (or at least alive and well) ending, where the novel saw an awful lot more death and thus ended on a rather bleak note.

I’m a sucker for an ending that’s at least hopeful, if not happy, so I was quite grateful for it, while purists may or may not agree.


Thanks to Big Finish

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Doctor Who Figurine Collection

The latest issues of the magazine, the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, are hitting shops now! Issue 44 comes with a figurine of a MONDAS CYBERMAN (from The Tenth Planet) whilst Issue 45 features the ROBOT KNIGHT (from Robot of Sherwood). For full details, visit their website HERE. Click on the images included here for bigger versions.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eccleston: "clashed" with Doctor Who hierarchy

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 show Loose Ends, Christopher Eccleston talked about why he left Doctor Who back in 2005. When directly asked, the actor replied, "myself and three other individuals at the top of the pyramid clashed." Listen to the interview in the player above.

Eccleston also talks about why he wanted to be involved in the show and looks back on his time in the TARDIS, adding: "I'm always there in spirit."

Earlier today Eccleston was interviewed and said he'd "had enough" and wouldn't compromise which led to his departure - more HERE.

Eccleston played The Ninth Doctor for thirteen episodes of Doctor Who alongside Billie Piper in 2005, winning praise from all quarters and proving to be a huge hit with fans. And much-missed now.

His new drama Safe House starts on Monday on ITV at 9pm - visit a gallery of pictures HERE.